Just some dried and dead things that I would like to use to make other things. #vultureculture #crows #preserved #taxidermy

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Crow Bones 2014’

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Kingdom Of The Lost Souls | via Facebook on We Heart It.

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((okeys i gotta head off to work now :’D
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At the extreme latest a commission will take up to 2 weeks to complete—depending on my work schedule and how many I have at the time—I treat commissions with far more care than any of my other art! Paypal information will be given upon request for a commission. If you are interested please send me note/ask with what you’d like~<3

To help signal boost this I decided to make a raffle! It must be reblogged, likes don’t count~I will be drawing the 1st winner ((I may continue doing this depending on how well it all goes)) on JULY 26th, so that gives you a little over a month to reblog~thanks for your time!!!


Alrighty so the date of the raffle has passed and I’ve drawn a winner (using an online random generator)!!!

But first I’d like to thank y’all for reblogging this and getting it out there~I haven’t had much luck with commissions yet but all of your support is very appreciated!!<3<3<3

Okey, okey, so you probably wanna know who won the raffle right? WELL DRUMROLL PLEASE…………………………………………………………………………

                                                   !!!!  The-Darkest-Shadow !!!!

Congratulations for winning I’ll be sending a message shortly so that we can talk about your prize~A full shaded picture drawn by yours truly~<3

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((GUAAAAAHHHHH YOU GUYS ARE DA BESTEST EVAAAHHHHH ;u; thank you so much aaaaaaaeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!))

"The Black Forest, hm?" Eyslk had never been, though there wasn't a doubt that that was were she'd ended up after a particularly long flight. It was beautiful. She'd heard tales about this kingdom, but how she'd found it, she didn't know. However she pushed the thought away and gave a powerful beat of her wings as she landed on the forest ground. "Awfully quiet," she muttered to herself with a shrug. ((Hi hello! I hope you don't mind me chucking my muse into the Black Forest to meet you! >///<)



Adelheid had been in a Court meeting when she felt a warning ripple through her. She sat up straighter, reaching out to the forest to find the source of the disturbance. A stranger, she thought, mouth twitching in annoyance. They weren’t at one of the main entrances either, which meant that they hadn’t come with business for the Elven Court. The Erlkonigin rose abruptly, speaking quietly to the nearest Court member and then left the room. On her way out, she motioned sharply to one of the guards who followed her out, giving her his dagger belt as they walked down the hall before going back to his post. She didn’t have time to stop for her own weapons.

Feeling decidedly uncomfortable in court regalia and with a weapon that wasn’t her own, Adelheid passed through a nearby tree to the spot where she could feel the presence of the strange fae. As the elf stepped out of the tree her heart skipped a beat, seeing black wings and thinking for a split second that Ciaran had come to visit earlier than usual. But reality caught up to her quickly and she berated herself mentally before walking into the clearing towards the fae.

“Who are you and why have you come here?” the Erlkonigin asked, voice ringing with authority.

Adelheid brought the blood bay to a stop to observe the mountains calmly. They appeared perfectly normal, but then again, they were in the fae realm and very few things could ever be called ‘normal’ in this world. The elf reached out with her senses, stretching her mind along the trees to try to get a better feel for what was up ahead. It was difficult, as this was not her forest and there was still a significant distance. All she managed to feel was that the way up to the mountains was clear.

The Erlkonigin snorted at Eyslk’s jibe about her ‘safe’ kingdom, but turned to the crow nonetheless. “Well, the company could be better I suppose…” she said impishly, letting her amusement color her voice. “But… I am enjoying myself, yes. It is nice to leave the forest behind every once in a while.”

Falling silent again, Adelheid considered the crow’s previous words. She had talked about being paid in all sorts of ways, which was not unsurprising to Adelheid. But there had been just the slightest emphasis on ‘information’ and Adelheid drew from that the probability of Eyslk’s fee for this errand being information. The elf could feel curiosity beginning to take a hold, but she also knew better than to ask the crow outright.

Feeling suddenly inspired, Adelheid allowed herself a small smirk and gathered her reins. “How about we have a wager? We’ll race to the foot of the mountains and the first one there will be the winner. If I win, you tell me what your clients are giving you in exchange for these flowers. If you win… Well, what is it that you’d like?”

     The crow raised a brow good-humoredly at the teasing tone of the elf before halting her horse as well. However when the queen spoke once more, she turned her gaze to her with calculating eyes. These mares were not hers, so she was not familiar with them and which one was speedy. Would it be possible that she was on the slower of two horses? And whatever would the reason be for Adelheid to bring up such a playful challenge? Was it entirely innocent or…

     ”How about… Your undivided help for this ‘mission’ of sorts, hm?” Eyslk found herself musing, giving a small little smirk before continuing. “Of course, before I wasn’t going to force you to assist me, but since you’ve made things a little more interesting…”

     With that she nodded in agreement. Whether or not it was a sabotage in rivalry, she did not care! After all, she had her wings if it was really necessary. Plus she hadn’t had a good bet in a while. Perhaps this could be fun!
      “Well then, ready-steady-go!” she cawed with a laugh before urging her horse to gallop ahead. She was not known for playing fair, but then again neither were most unseelie.