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Condemned Wanderer. by BlueHunter

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me showing my art to online people:


me showing my art to real-life people:



An art-trade with eyslk-fala-iustig ! This is her gorgeous OC whom I love to bits (so complex) <333

Had much fun :D even though I angsted so hard over ‘what colour should I paint her boots?!’ o.o I would have gone with red? But I chose to play it safe and go with gray, heh <3

Hope you like it, sweetie :DD


I luffs it ajklfjaflkkfjfff you nailed it bro~


<3333333333333 ))

((*whispers* i’m going to post a starter for you cause you liked my post a while back and i’m sorry it took me so looooong T.T))

((Oh cool!!! thanks deary~take your time ^_^ ))

((tiiiiiiiirrredddd i know i have more stuff to get to but i’ll be back tomorrow hopefully<3 gnight!))

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"The Black Forest, hm?" Eyslk had never been, though there wasn't a doubt that that was were she'd ended up after a particularly long flight. It was beautiful. She'd heard tales about this kingdom, but how she'd found it, she didn't know. However she pushed the thought away and gave a powerful beat of her wings as she landed on the forest ground. "Awfully quiet," she muttered to herself with a shrug. ((Hi hello! I hope you don't mind me chucking my muse into the Black Forest to meet you! >///<)



Adelheid had been in a Court meeting when she felt a warning ripple through her. She sat up straighter, reaching out to the forest to find the source of the disturbance. A stranger, she thought, mouth twitching in annoyance. They weren’t at one of the main entrances either, which meant that they hadn’t come with business for the Elven Court. The Erlkonigin rose abruptly, speaking quietly to the nearest Court member and then left the room. On her way out, she motioned sharply to one of the guards who followed her out, giving her his dagger belt as they walked down the hall before going back to his post. She didn’t have time to stop for her own weapons.

Feeling decidedly uncomfortable in court regalia and with a weapon that wasn’t her own, Adelheid passed through a nearby tree to the spot where she could feel the presence of the strange fae. As the elf stepped out of the tree her heart skipped a beat, seeing black wings and thinking for a split second that Ciaran had come to visit earlier than usual. But reality caught up to her quickly and she berated herself mentally before walking into the clearing towards the fae.

“Who are you and why have you come here?” the Erlkonigin asked, voice ringing with authority.

Brow furrowing, Adelheid turned from Eyslk and concentrated on the road. In truth, the crow’s words were disconcerting to her. While she doubted that the flowers were that powerful, she also knew better than to discount old myths completely. A prickle of unease ran across the back of her head as she thought about it. Natural-growing things with such power were best left alone. Those that tampered with them often met with less than wholesome ends… Or they ended up damaging the world around them irreparably.

She supposed it was the queen in her that saw cause for concern when Eyslk clearly didn’t. It wasn’t often that she found herself party to something that had the potential, no matter how improbably, to be a danger to her people. The thought made her clench her hands around her reins almost imperceptibly. True, she wanted to enjoy this excursion outside of her realm. And, true, she wanted to enjoy this new partnership, however fleeting it ended up being. But now she found she had another reason for being there—to ensure that whatever these flowers really were, they couldn’t be used against the elven kingdom.

Ah, well. I suppose it wouldn’t be a proper journey with two Unseelie fae without lies and ulterior motives, is it?

Adelheid shook herself out of the suspicious thoughts plaguing her and tilted her head backwards to look at the now-dark sky. The stars were perfectly clear and that gave her some reassurance. Most elves were versed, at least to some degree, in stargazing. She’d never been very proficient in the art, would never be called a seer, but she drew comfort from them nonetheless. She spent a long time like that, letting the silence stretch out and grateful to Eyslk for letting it do so as well.

Finally, she gave a long, slow blink and turned her attention back to the path. She wondered how much further it was to their destination. A strange feeling was stirring in the pit of her stomach. She couldn’t tell whether it was excitement or trepidation.

“So, this is what you do, is it? Go around, finding things for people who pay well enough?” she asked curiously. Adelheid knew that probably wasn’t the whole of it, but she thought that the Eyslk might not be keen on revealing the details of her work so easily.

     The crow nodded once to answer the queen, “I suppose you could say that. I am a trader of sorts, I exchange desired goods for money, items, herbs, information…”

     Eyslk frowned at the last word, glancing up thoughtfully before offering another sly smirk.

                                     ”I am reasonable, after all. Not everyone is a rich Queen, eh?”

     Her current deal included this flower in exchange for some very important information. Information on someone she used to know a long time ago. If she didn’t return with this flower then… well, Eyslk didn’t know. Let’s just say it was a most dire mission, though as simple as it sounded.

                              Eyslk pointed out into the distance, a hooked claw motioning towards what appeared to be two peaks up ahead. They were close. Perhaps an hour or so ride before they came to the twin mountains, and in between them the meadow in which their destination would be. She didn’t care about what her client did with the flower, malicious intent or no, all that mattered was her end of the bargain!

            “There, deary,” she hummed, glancing back to Adelheid. “We are almost there, yes? Are you enjoying your time outside your safe kingdom, hm?” 

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» Shoplifting {Eyslk}


Valrún was slowly learning that everything came with a cost. Though the pitching roll of bis belly was one of his least favorite sensations ever - even worse than a beating - it was worth suffering to have the ability to help Eyslk.

Even if she wasn’t feeling particularly grateful.

When her hand touched upon his back, Valrún jolted nervously. Still struggling with illness, he didn’t trust his legs enough to try and move away. Instead, he held his breathand was forced to swallow a mouthful of saliva. Nausea continued to grip him even as she complimented his sense of smell.

No. No, he was not well. But he didn’t say so. The boy locked it down deep inside, pulling into himself as if to shrug off all comfort and weather a storm alone through sheer force of will. He fiercely wanted to rip out his opposing innards to spare himself more of the horrendous feeling, but the very thought of that had him clenching his fists tightly in the peat beneath him.

The scent of vomit was ripe in that sensitive nose of his and called for more like a wolf to the pack. Val scooped loamy soil over the pile in front of him before crawling a little ways away.

For a minute more, he panted, struggling to get his stomach under control. When finally he seemed stable enough, he managed to answer her question with an obvious lie.

"I’m fine."

     The crow watched Valrún with glassy eyes as he fought to control himself once more. She swallowed a frustrated growl before it could escape when he moved away. What was to be expected though? Children truly were complicated things. Then again, she wasn’t so simple either and the situation was less than desirable.

     ”You’d make a terrible Unseelie with that lie,” she croaked, getting to her feet slowly and turning her nose from the smell of stomach acid.

               How else was she supposed to fix this? Eyslk couldn’t just coddle him. She was still trying to calm down herself, cages were not… a good thing, not a good thing at all for a wild bird like her. And yet there was this odd feeling that kept gnawing at her.

                     ”Tell me what you need.”

                                         What you want.

     The crow was a proud creature. Distrustful, spiteful even. They were not by nature nurturing nor friendly. But Val… he’d saved her feathers not only once, but twice now. He’d proven himself, and even completed their deals for more than they’d been worth.

     ”Valrún, you no longer owe me anything. You realize this, yes? You—you don’t have to risk your life again, not like that, love. You aren’t sealed to me any longer.”

                                     She was

                                                    "I’m indebted to you.

That was the closest think to a ‘thank you’ that she could ever get. It was the closest thing any fae could offer, and what most despised. A fae never contracted against themselves. Ever.

"Mind if I sleep here tonight?"



"I suppose you mean just sleeping.”  He smirked, then shrugged.  ”No, I don’t mind at all.”

"More odder, huh?"  He laughed lightly, teasing her awkward grammar, even though Andras himself didn’t exactly bother with perfect grammar.  It just sounded funny.  "I just don’t really like talking about it much."

He could still hear Eyslk moving around, his hearing having been tuned to track movement, but even without that he could still sense her.  So it didn’t surprise him when her voice came from a different location.  

"Yeah, pretty much, though maybe not so bad.  I never did anything horrible enough to just be kicked out.”  He shrugged. 

Again, he could still sense her movements, could hear what she couldn’t, and could feel the vibrations of her feet on the floor, no matter how lightly she stepped.  ”What are you doing?”

    The crow rolled her eyes and listened to him as she stealthily crept around the room. It was a simple place. Not that that was bad or anything. Her own home was pretty simple as well. A giant unearthly tree that was hollowed through so that she could nest inside as well has have functional rooms. Of course that all came with her rank in the Unseelie Court, so it was a vast improvement to what she had when she’d been underfae. Blinking out of her thoughts, the woman glanced up when Andras asked her what she was doing and gave a crooked smirk.

                 ”Sneaking up on you must be harder than one might think,” Eyslk mused thoughtfully, poking his arm with a hooked talon.

     Was he always blind?

The thought came so suddenly that she frowned before shrugging it off. Seeing how he’d been dodgy about being angelic, perhaps it’d be wiser to not bring it up.                      

                        “Have you any fighting skills? Do you spar? Your ability in knowing where one is may be useful in battle you know.”

» I will not Bow | Closed RP


Apparently her words didn’t get the result she wanted, which is a pity. Sylvia really needed to work up the charm, give her silver tongue a work out. No, that was not an innuendo, as much as Sylvia wanted it to be.Now, how is she to get herself out of this, without getting injured? Sylvia looks at the fae, her fur slowly resting back on her skin. It was a wonder if showing weakness would make this situation better or worse - the panther didn’t know. All she can hope is that this doesn’t end in blood shed.

"Good observation, you’re certainly right on some of that." She was still human, but not exactly human anymore? Did she have a disdain for humans - perhaps she can make this work for her. Oh did you find her pretty, Eyslk? Hmm, seems looks won’t do much help in this situation, though. Sylvia lowers her arms, allowing herself to be wide open. This could either be a mistake, or a step on the right track.

"You’re right, I’m no god - nor a….fae, you said?  I’m actually more of a result of human cruelty, neither fully human nor beast." She figured she should state it like that, seeing how it was true. She didn’t have a choice in what she’s become, and even if she was originally human, would being forced to be something else soften Eyslk’s view on her? Probably not, she’s just stalling until the crow woman makes her move.

The thought of having her heart ripped right out was not pleasant, so the panther should really thing of a back up if this doesn’t work. “I ask you to believe me, because honestly, what means to I have to lying to you? To challenging you? I have no wish to take over your territory, I was merely taking a stroll - taking in the scenery.” Sylvia takes a step closer, trying not to be tense with her movements. “And while you’re lovely to look at, I really would prefer not to have those pretty talons at my throat for being a nuisance.” She relaxes her arms entirely, shoulders becoming slack. “If you really wish to do away with me, then clearly I’m not putting up a fight, hmm? Although I believe I could be more use alive…”

If Eyslk was going to be bold enough to attack her, even with the offer of being beneficial, Sylvia was right and ready to stop the bird lady in her tracks. Just got to focus and get ready to use that telekinesis quick - then she can run the hell out and hope to never run into her again.

     The crow lady’s lip curled in disgust at the stranger’s words.

The humans were trying to create their own fae. How disgusting.

     Offended, Eyslk raised her wings in agitation before listening to what the woman had left to say in defense. She had the urge to steal this beast’s life that second—to eliminate her artificial existence and rid of the human race’s failure. Well, she supposed not a complete failure. But even still. Her eyes narrowed when the stranger dared to step closer, the only sign she gave in warning was a flick of her non-injured talons. In any other situation she’d be at her throat, as the woman stated, however she was showing submission.

      Which was even more of a reason to be wary…

                                The crow paused abruptly when the beast mentioned being of use. Tilting her head in a quite bird-like manner, she studied the woman once more.

                                                  What could she possibly offer to me? She wasn’t quite human, which was a plus… but she didn’t look as durable as a fae.

                              “Are you suggesting a deal?”

     The weight of the last word held a mystical value. Deals were what fae fed on, what they enjoyed. Sometimes deals were good for both parties involved, sometimes they were only good for the fae. Either way, favors had their ups and downs. Eyslk didn’t care either way because it’d be a benefit to her most of all! What little of her glamour she had was instantly switched on and with it came a inviting smirk.

                         Would she bargain for her life?